Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

What we do...Veggie and organic cuisine, which feels good and makes you hanker for it.

Every day on site we do prepare, with passion and optimism, a plant-based gourmet and generous cuisine.

A dish of the day that changes according to seasons and the creativity of our chef, taking you from Italy to Greece with sometimes a little detour via India and Asia
(that’s our globe-trotter side).

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

Hearty revisited pan-bagnat sandwiches (an original Sanctuary creation),

colorful and fragrant salads and sides, irresistible vegan desserts (gluten free for some).


A cuisine that favors organic farming and local products from all authenticity lovers.

All those who cherish and respect our blue planet ...

Didn’t we tell you we love blue?!

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen
Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchenjpg
Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen
Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen
Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

We offer you what we would like to be offered,

Healthy, Tasty, Organic!

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

What we believe in


More and more starred chefs, athletes, dieticians, celebrities

and so many young people choose to turn to a benevolent and respectful vegetarian or vegan diet, for the sake of their health and well-being, but also that of animals and Earth.

By offering you a vegetarian and vegan cuisine, we wish to share the conviction that besides answering to ecological and ethical needs, it surely does not rhyme with austerity and blandness (two words we strongly dislike ...).

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

The good sugar of our pastries comes from

agave syrup, maple syrup, coconut blossom sugar.

Our organic bread and buns are made for Sanctuary

by Maison Saint Honoré in Marseille.


All our drinks, whether homemade or bottled,

are organic and ethical.

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen
Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen


Healthy eating using the best nature can offer, that's good,

but at SANCTUARY we think it can also be a bit selfish.

You too? Great…

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

Our commitments

No plastic !

As much as possible we do reduce our waste production and ecological impact by refusing single-use plastic.

All our packaging items are biodegradable.

No waste!

We chose to work with TOO GOOD TO GO, the app that every day at closing offers our unsold products at a lower price.

Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen
Sanctuary - Coffee & Kitchen

We picked the name Sanctuary for its benevolent evocation of biodiversity safeguard, shelters for mistreated animals, a peaceful and serene haven where we invite you to sit down for a moment.